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At Green Light Recruitment, we connect talented drivers like yourself with rewarding opportunities across various industries. Whether you’re an experienced HGV driver, a skilled delivery van operator, or a passionate courier, we have a range of driving roles waiting for you.

Why choose driving jobs with us?

  • Diverse opportunities: From long-haul trucking to local deliveries, our job listings cover a wide spectrum of driving positions across a variety of shift patterns, such as days, nights, weekends, tramping and trunking.
  • Competitive pay: We believe in fair compensation for your skills and dedication. Our driving jobs offer competitive rates.
  • Flexible schedules: Whether you prefer full-time, part-time, temporary or permanent work, we have options to suit your lifestyle.
  • Safety first: We prioritise safety and compliance. Our clients value responsible drivers who adhere to regulations.
  • Supportive team: Join a community of fellow drivers who share your passion for the open road.

See the latest jobs we have on offer...

Ready to take the wheel on your future? Explore our current driving job openings and adverts and accelerate your career with Green Light Recruitment.

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If you're looking for your next driving job, or even just considering a new career and want more information , drop us a line. We'll explain the process and, when you're ready, get you on the road with a suitable employer.

We work with a large pool of employers and new opportunities for drivers in all fields pop up every day. Whether you're looking for an immediate start or holding out for something specific, we can help to get you there. Just let us know your requirements and qualifications, and we'll do the rest.

Either call us during our office hours of 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday, drop us an email through the link below, or fill out this form and we'll be in touch via phone or email as soon as possible.

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